So your looking for promotion right?                      Still wondering why you should choose us?  
       Spit Ya Game Tv  provides a platform where urban artist can get music video's seen as well as get their music heard for FREE. At "Spit Ya Game Tv" we care about the success of each artist, not just a pay check. I have been a struggling artist myself for many years, and know what it's like trying to promote music only to be overlooked by others. That is why every day we strive to push  artists careers to there full potential. We give free advice and make video ads for artist in need.  Remeber it's our dream to make your dreams come true. 
Live Chat 
   In the Live Chat section we allow artist to have direct contact with the fans. We also play artists music video's in the live chat to further promote the artists music.
  In the Interviews section we interview the artist about life, music and opinions. This allows the fans to get the to know the artist and feel more connected to the artist and there music. 

         In the Cypers section we show the artist in there rawest form. These videos show the artist rapping with other artists. 
        In the Video's section we show music video of the artist featured on our website.

       In the Promo section we allow members to submit a request for a free music video to be posted on the site.  
Event Post where your up and coming music events, in your area, will be posted/promoted.
Request Mixtapes to be posted and reviewed. 
     Daily Feature Post for $5 we post your music video, song or any advertisment you like at the top of each page.
  In the Artist section we show a list of artist featured on the site.
  In the Mixtape section fans are able to listen to mixtapes of featured artists.